Ingredient of the day: Ceramides

Origin: Animal or synthetic

In our products: Synthetic

INCI name: ceramide-2, ceramide-3, ceramide-NP, etc.

The base:

Ceramides are a family of complex lipids, naturally present in the skin. They form about 50% of the composition of the skin and are found mainly in the upper layer of the skin. stratum corneum (in the epidermis). They play an important role in the skin barrier by retaining hydration and protecting against external damage. In fact, if one compared the skin to a brick house, the cells would be the bricks, and the ceramides the mortar that holds everything together! Pretty crucial!


In cosmetics, ceramides are very interesting ingredients. They are used mainly to reinforce the skin protection barrier (and thus to help hydration) and to reduce irritation. It is very important that they are present with cholesterol and fatty acids, because only ceramides do not have the same effectiveness.

What to remember:

Ceramides are excellent cosmetic assets, mainly in moisturizers. Several studies have shown that they can dramatically improve the protective barrier of the skin. Sensitive, dry or irritated skin will particularly appreciate them. However, one must remain vigilant and ensure that the formulations that contain it are also accompanied by cholesterol and fatty acids.


  • Non-irritating
  • Non-sensitizing
  • Not a significant allergen

They contain:

  • Rich Moisturizer (coming soon)


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