Myth: Ingredient Name and Security

If I can not pronounce the name of an ingredient, it is better to avoid it.


How many times have we heard this advice ... "if you can not pronounce it, avoid it". Well, today, we set the record straight! The chemical ingredients are named according to their composition and the structure of the atoms in the molecule, and often there are several interchangeable names for the same ingredient. Moreover, in a cosmetic formula, the ingredients must be written according to the INCI nomenclature (which is a "universal language" in the scientific world ...), and therefore, appear under their scientific name rather than under their common name. If you see Tocopheryl acetate on the list of ingredients will you be scared because the name sounds "chemical"? Well ... it would be about Vitamin E. Do not stop at the spelling of an ingredient to judge its effectiveness or safety ... appearances are often misleading. ;)

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