Myth: dry skin

My skin is dry because I do not drink enough water.

Not really, no...

Unfortunately, it is not so simple. Although drinking water is essential to our health, no study suggests that consuming more water would have a direct impact on skin hydration. In fact, the skin dries out when its barrier is not able to retain enough water in the skin. stratum corneum (a superficial layer of the skin) and evaporates into the atmosphere. Specifically, if the skin contains less than 10% water, it will tend to become dry. Several factors can exacerbate this problem, including, but not limited to, unprotected exposure to the sun, season, temperature changes, health status, environment, type of home heating and the use of bad cosmetics. .

Whatever the source of the problem, and there may be more than one, it is by restoring the moisture barrier of the skin that it can be allowed to remain healthy. The best tools to do this are to use proper cosmetics and to wear sunscreen, minimum SPF of 30, every day!

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