Skin care

Part 3: Choosing and Using a Sunscreen

The key to wanting to get sunscreen regularly is to choose the one that best suits our skin and our needs. It sounds obvious, but it's not always easy. We have condensed some tracks and tips to get there. #1 Always choose a BROAD SPECTRUM sunscreen (that is, it protects both UVA and UVB rays). Look for Broad Spectrum or UVA + UVB on the bottle. #2 Determine whether you prefer a physical or chemical filter. ° It seems that the physical filters are a little less irritating, so the skin is very ...

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Part 2: Understanding Sunscreens

After the 1 part of our article on the sun, we understand a little better why our parents insisted so much so that we put our sunscreen religiously! It is very important to protect yourself from the sun. Have you wondered how concretely it works sunscreen? We unravel the mystery in this second article! What is sunscreen? Specifically, it is a product that contains active ingredients that protect us from UV rays. It exists in many forms, textures, brands, etc. , but overall, their role is always the same: to protect us. To get there, the ...

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Part 1: Understanding the sun

I am pretty sure that anyone who reads this article knows that the sun burns the skin. However, how is it concretely possible? How can this star so essential to our survival, at the same time be so harmful for us? To understand everything, you must first know that the sun emits energy in the form of waves (solar energy). We can also classify them according to the length of their waves and, in fact, their particularities. The first class is the famous UV rays (ultraviolet). We find UVA, UVB and UVC rays. UVA rays, ...

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Endocrine disruptors, why be wary?

According to a study, women's urine is twice as concentrated in endocrine disruptors as men's. This difference is due to the fact that they use more cosmetics than men. In summary, regular users of cosmetics (regardless of gender) would be much more exposed to disrupters and therefore much more likely to develop serious diseases. Yes, it's scary! At SAVAN we want to take care of our skin and we would like it to be safe! So we gathered a lot of important information about endocrine disruptors in the ...

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