Natural products?

The first question that comes up when we present our products is Are these natural products? What we have repeatedly been advised to answer: yes. Yes, because it's trendy, yes because that's what people want, yes because it's more sales, yes because natural is better (?) When we started we had a vision and we had important values, and it goes without saying that although it would have been easy to derogate for sell morewe were there. Because for us, being authentic is paramount. That's exactly why, you can not find on our website, our social networks or our campaigns, the keywords "Natural product".

Natural ... what does it mean? Is there really a consensus on the definition of this word in relation to health products? Perhaps. But we have not got our hands on it yet. Some products say they are natural, but include ingredients from chemical synthesis, others claim to be natural to 97% or 99.8% and others contain only extracts from plants. So, to be a natural product, what is it basically? We do not have the answer and that's why we do not use that term. There is a popular trend that natural is good, natural, better, and synthetic is bad. We were of this opinion before pushing a little further our research and realize that this is not quite true, and that there is very good and very bad in both categories. We preferred to rely on the literature and ingredient databases to design our products in a safe manner, rather than discriminating according to a class of ingredients. The ingredients we use have been studied in many studies and we have chosen them based on their hazard / efficacy score, more than because they "sound" good or are popular. With equal ingredients, we will of course choose the one that comes from nature, but sometimes the synthetic ingredients are more efficient and safer, and that's why we do not automatically put them aside.

So if you ask us the question: «Are your products natural? " we will answer you honestly, that it depends on YOUR definition of the word;)

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