Prepare your skin for the holiday season

It's the holiday season: five family meetings in a row, ten hours of accumulated fatigue. Too many desserts and small bites are in perspective (clearly my case here). The time for a small daily training is limited, to make room for several small toastand above all, a lot of fun! We all go through this once a year, and often this results in a small (or big) disaster for our skin (and even our body in general). Between two Christmas songs, here is a little guide of tips and advice to wear a radiant skin, in this time of frenzy!

Puffy eyes

Short nights, preceded by a feast of salty food, all mixed with the December temperature changes can lead to a retention of fluids below the eyes and give you the impression of being puffy!

To remedy :

  • Add an extra pillow during sleep. This allows the head to be elevated and so help not to accumulate too much fluids.
  • Make fresh water compresses (the modern method of cucumber compresses). For a few minutes, gently pat the area around the eyes with a small cotton pad soaked in cold water.
  • At sunrise, gently massage the area around the eyes with a little moisturizing oil or cream (not scented! Very important not to aggravate the situation by irritating your eyes!)

Push Buttons

The stress of the holiday season, more make - up than usual, going to bed late, and without having removed make - up / washed face or simply change our usual routine because we are on the move can contribute to the " appearance of buttons.

To remedy / prevent:

  • It is imperative to remove make-up and clean your face at the end of each evening, even when half asleep. Bioderma Cleansing Wipes are a little gem.
  • Use a regular scrub on a regular basis throughout this period.
  • To improve this situation and many others, relax! : P

Dry skin

Your host's home heated by electricity, or the dry air of the stores, combined with your outdoor skating outings, all crowned with a few glasses of champagne, can help dry your skin.

To remedy :

  • The best solution will be to use a refreshing, fragrance-free moisturizer, morning and evening! For cases of intense dryness, adding a good moisturizing oil (not an essential oil please!) Can help soothe the skin.
  • Installing a humidifier in the bedroom is also a good solution to help remedy this problem.

Finally, we can not say it enough, drink a lot of water and move are musts, as much for the body as for the spirit!


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