Be ready for the holiday season

It's the holiday season: five family meetings in a row, ten hours of accumulated fatigue. Too many desserts and small bites are in perspective (clearly my case here). The time for a small daily training is limited, to make room for several small toastand above all, a lot of fun! We all go through this once a year, and often this results in a small (or big) disaster for our skin (and even our body in general). Between two Christmas songs, here is a little guide of tips and advice to wear a radiant skin, in this time of frenzy!

Puffy eyes

Short nights, preceded by a feast of salty food, all mixed with the December temperature changes can lead to a retention of fluids below the eyes and give you the impression of being puffy!

To remedy :

  • Add an extra pillow during sleep. This allows the head to be elevated and so help not to accumulate too much fluids.
  • Make fresh water compresses (the modern method of cucumber compresses). For a few minutes, gently pat the area around the eyes with a small cotton pad soaked in cold water.
  • At sunrise, gently massage the area around the eyes with a little moisturizing oil or cream (not scented! Very important not to aggravate the situation by irritating your eyes!)

Push Buttons

The stress of the holiday season, more make - up than usual, going to bed late, and without having removed make - up / washed face or simply change our usual routine because we are on the move can contribute to the " appearance of buttons.

To remedy / prevent:

  • It is imperative to remove make-up and clean your face at the end of each evening, even when half asleep. Bioderma Cleansing Wipes are a little gem.
  • Use a regular scrub on a regular basis throughout this period.
  • To improve this situation and many others, relax! : P

Dry skin

Your host's home heated by electricity, or the dry air of the stores, combined with your outdoor skating outings, all crowned with a few glasses of champagne, can help dry your skin.

To remedy :

  • The best solution will be to use a refreshing, fragrance-free moisturizer, morning and evening! For cases of intense dryness, adding a good moisturizing oil (not an essential oil please!) Can help soothe the skin.
  • Installing a humidifier in the bedroom is also a good solution to help remedy this problem.

Finally, we can not say it enough, drink a lot of water and move are musts, as much for the body as for the spirit!


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  • Hello Mrs. Côté,
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    To answer your question, you should check what ingredients are in "baby oil". They may vary from one brand to another. A good oil does not contain perfume or essential oil. You should also look for one that contains a mixture of several oils (eg jojoba oil, grape seed oil, cranberry oils, etc.) since this ensures that you have different antioxidants and fatty acids. There are very good options at low prices, so no need to invest much to get an effective hydrating oil.
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  • Thank you! Good advice and I too will be radiant!

  • thank you, thanks to your stuff, I will be radiant for my parties of the Holiday Season !!!!!
    Can we consider that baby oil is a good moisturizing oil ??? How to choose a good moisturizing oil ?.

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