Spring cleaning

There is something with the arrival of spring (although it seems to be taking its time this year) that makes you want to renew! Change your wardrobe, clean your house thoroughly ... and get a good cleaning of your cosmetics! Over time, we accumulate several products that we did not like, that we no longer use or simply that expire ... We wanted to share a few things to keep in mind during this process.

  1. The life of a product.

As a general rule, cosmetics have a general expiration date, as well as an expiry date after opening. The first corresponds to that which guarantees the good stability of the product when the latter has not been opened and the second to that once it is. It must be understood that manufacturers must study the stability of their product to arrive at determines the shelf life. For this, they analyze several variables, including the effectiveness of the preservative system, the pH and the viscosity of the product, etc. The expiry is the date until the manufacturer ensures that its product will be effective and safe. Once the date is past, you could still use it, but be careful, because it may not be effective, and most importantly it could become contaminated.

To find the general expiration look for EXP.

To find the expiration after opening, look for the acronym:

(The small number is the number of months after which the product must be discarded once opened)

  1. The ingredient list
Enjoy while doing your housework to familiarize yourself with what's in the products you own! Do they have fragrances? Irritating ingredients? Where in the list are the essential ingredients? It is by analyzing what we have that we become informed consumers!

  1. The little pots not used since 5 years ...

Just like when cleaning your clothes, you may find that some of your products have not been used for a long time. Maybe because you do not like the texture? The color did not suit you well? Think about passing them to your neighbor if that's the case ... as long as you let them rot in the closet!

Let us know how you do to clean your cosmetics ... we are curious :)

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