Light or Rich?

You have certainly noticed that since this winter, we have added a new moisturizer to our offer. Yes, you were several to ask us for a more "rich" moisturizer, so we listened to you. Now, you may be wondering "Which one to choose?" A little guide to help you see more clearly!

First of all, it is important to remember that any good moisturizer should contain a minimum of soothing ingredients, antioxidants, as well as a base adapted to its type of skin. For more information on the subject, we refer you You can consult it by clicking here. et click here. Rest assured, we made sure that our two moisturizers contained these ingredients;)

The major difference between our two moisturizers, you probably guess, is the texture. We did it simple: the light moisturizer is light, the rich moisturizer is rich. Both absorb quickly and leave no greasy finish. Their first goal to both? Keep your skin hydrated and radiant.

The rich moisturizer has a little more that is worth mentioning and that is why it costs exactly 7 $ more than the light one. It contains a complex réparateur ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids that aims to literally restore the moisture barrier of your skin. So, it does not just hydrate, it repairs the damage at the same time.

Texture : Light, very fluid, fresh

Absorption: Fast

Price: 28$

Use according to the types of skin (according to your comments):

Normal skin - Only during the day, with an oil at night. Below another product ex. Solar cream.

Dry skin- With oil at night. In serum. Below another product ex. Solar cream.

Oily skin - Alone! (Ps. Oily skin ... it's a must)

* You also use it in aftershave.

Its more: Perfect texture that makes it ideal for juxtaposition with other care products. No impression of weighing down the skin. His versatility pleases a lot.

Texture : Rich, dense, comforting

Absorption: Fast

Price: 35$

Use according to the types of skin (according to your comments):

Normal skin - Only day and night.

Dry skin - Only during the day. Only at night or with a moisturizing oil at night.

Oily skin- In mask to rinse. Only at night. In general, you prefer a light moisturizing mixture + oil to be dosed according to your needs;)

* You also use it in hand cream.

Its more: Its repairing complex that rescape damaged skin. A mega plus winter!

Here we are, hoping that this little picture helps you to find your way! Remember, however, that the appreciation and use of a care product is very personal. We manufacture them all in order to be the most adaptable, simple and effective possible so do not be afraid to use them with other products you already have, that's the goal! If you hesitate or have any questions, write us! We love to converse!


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