Understanding and treating dark circles

Having dark circles under the eyes can be discouraging! Trying to get rid of it often leads to frustration and poorly invested money, which causes even more frustration. How many concealer creams have you tried without result. The product "miracle" that promised to finish, then the other, and after ... The hard truth is that the solution will probably not come from a single product. So, how to get rid of these black bars, or at least fade them?

The word ring is used in all the sauces to speak of a problem which can have several causes. By dark circles, most of us hear small dark strokes under the eyes, but it's important to remember that puffy eyes and puffiness are interrelated issues. It is important to identify your problem in order to choose the right solution.

# 1: The circles

Definition: Dark circles (small black bars) are periorbital hyperpigmentation due to an increase in melanin.


- Avoid rubbing the area of ​​the eyes.

- Use a lightening product. The hydroquinone creams have shown good results to mitigate. Applying it twice a day can help make the dark circles area brighter. It is possible to buy over-the-counter in pharmacies at a low percentage or on prescription by a doctor.

- Using a retinoic acid cream can help improve the situation. However, it should be used in small quantities and go gradually, because these products can be very irritating and cause allergic reactions.

- Consult a doctor for stronger treatments. There are laser methods to reduce hyperpigmentation, or preparations that require a prescription.

- Use a sunscreen. The sun is responsible for the premature aging of the skin. It is therefore doubly important to protect the delicate skin around your eyes. Every day, without exception, apply a light sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. Even when it's cloudy and raining! Wearing good sunglasses is also essential.

* Prefer a sunscreen that contains zinc oxide and / or titanium dioxide. These are softer and you do not want to cause any irritation under your eyes.

# 2: Pockets and puffy eyes

Definition: With age, tissues and muscles in the eye area weaken and may result in fat accumulation that gives the impression of pocket under the eyes. The accumulation of fluid in this region also gives the impression of puffy eyes.


- Avoid rubbing your eyes.

- Consider taking an antihistamine. It is not uncommon for puffy eyes and bags under the eyes to be caused by seasonal allergies. For more information on the subject, it is best to see your doctor.

- Add an extra pillow to sleep. This will help prevent fluid buildup under the eyes.

- Go with sweetness. The skin in the eye area is very delicate, always be gentle. No need to scrub your products to be absorbed. Just tap gently. Read also always the list of ingredients before using a product, you will avoid using irritating ingredients.

In general, using a very gentle emollient cream to moisturize the area under the eyes can be a good idea. Apply gently.


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