Konjac sponges

I discovered a new item a few months ago which has quickly become a crush: Konjac sponges. This small wonder that is very inexpensive is an ideal complement to the beauty routine and is one of the accessories that we should all have.

A bit of history ...

The Konjac sponge is made from konjac plant fiber, which grows mainly in Asia. For millennia, many people in this region have used the latter as a remedy for many ailments (for example, coughs), but also as a foodstuff. Its use has evolved over time and has quickly become a key element of "Asian" beauty routines. If you believe the legend, it would be one of the secrets to their impeccable skin ...

What is very interesting with this small accessory is that it allows to exfoliate the skin gently, every day! After use the skin is of incomparable softness, and does not tense or irritate as sometimes happens when using pellet cleaners. There are many different types of sponges, sizes and properties, depending on the ingredients added. The most popular are certainly natural, green tea, charcoal or clay. The first two are particularly interesting for sensitive skin, while the last two are for normal or oily skin.

As for all the world of cosmetics, we must remain cautious about the miraculous virtues associated with it! Although they contain ingredients that help regulate sebum and antioxidants, it would be an exaggeration to claim that the charcoal sponge will reduce your pores, stop acne or eliminate blackheads ... and that green tea sponge will make you rejuvenate 5 years. In a more realistic way, they are excellent choices for exfoliating gently on a daily basis, give a beautiful glow to the skin and as a bonus, are super nice to use.

The use of the Konjac sponge is very simple: you just have to wet your face and apply a small amount of our daily cleanser on the sponge. Thereafter, it is only necessary to exfoliate by making small circles. Rinse, and you're done! After use, it is important to rinse the Konjac sponge with water and allow it to air dry. At the next use, dive into the water for a few seconds so that it becomes flexible again.

Tip: To find out if the sponge is clean, simply pass it under water, squeeze it, and repeat the movement until the water comes out of the sponge is more color limpid (about three clasps). Be careful though not to squeeze too hard: Eric managed the feat of completely disintegrating his ... she was falling apart ...

So, to your sponges! Tell us about your experience with Konjac sponges! We are curious to read you ... :)

Article by Aya Bathi, collaborator.

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  • And where do we buy these sponges?
    I feel like trying this with my Savan cleaner I love!

    Danielle the

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