The ingredient?

We are often asked what is the ingredient in our products. INGREDIENT, with a big L ', written in upper case, highlighted in yellow, with lights that sparkle around! The one that makes your skin beautiful in seconds, rejuvenates you by 10 or eliminates all traces of acne. The ingredient for which one would be willing to pay hundreds of dollars, with no promise of results. To be honest, our products contain more than one ingredient, and each of them is there for a specific reason. We do not have the INGREDIENT, we have several that work together and complement each other to give an effective product. The preservative is just as important as aloe or sodium hyaluronate, because without it, the product would not be stable and safe for a long time. For us, bet on a single ingredient would mean that for the career of Celine Dion, Rene Angélil was not important.

So in Savan products there is no INGREDIENT, there is rather a synergy of ingredients that work together to offer you multiple benefits.

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