Toned lotion, what is it?

Some will say that they help to tighten the pores, to avoid the appearance of pimples or blackheads, others that they allow to clean the skin in depth or that they are very irritating. We hear everything and anythingtonic lotions and with all that we are a little lost a tonic lotion? What's the point ? Is it reallyensable? How to use and howto choose? We looked likeall the answers here for you to see a little clearer!

A ltonic otion, what is ?

A tonic lotion is a liquid that is applied to the skin and whose main purpose is to cleanse and "refresh" the skin.

The older generation of tonic lotion was aimed at removing sebum from the skin and tightening pores. They consisted mostly of alcohol and were therefore very irritating. It is from there that the lotions hold their reputations of astringent products and not adapted to the sensitive skins.

Nowadays, formulations of tonic lotions are much more respectful of the skin. They contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and ingredients naturally present (or not) in the skin and moisturizers.

What's the point ?

A "toned" lotion actually does not mean much. They do not allow to "tone" the skin itself. First, toning lotions are often used to fine-tune skin cleansing. They eliminate the traces of makeup, sebum or pollution remaining.

Thanks to their emollients, they offer the skin the ingredients that it needs and that it had lost during cleaning or removal. These ingredients provide light hydration, and prepare the skin for the treatment or moisturizer that will be applied next. It is a kind of "primer" for hydration.

Their benefits do not stop there since they also have antioxidants and reduce the redness and inflammation of the skin with anti-inflammatory. They also help maintain the proper pH of the skin.

Tonic lotions can therefore have very beneficial effects on the skin but do not make it possible to tighten the pores or to prevent the overproduction of sebum of oily skin, as did the lotions of the older generation, while being very irritating.

When to use it?

You can use them in the morning or in the evening ... or both! They are applied on a cotton (disposable or washable) or directly on the hands and then on the face.

In the morning, the lotion will remove the sweat and sebum that has been produced during sleep and will prepare the skin to receive the moisturizer while limiting the risk of pimples.

In the evening, it is used rather after removing make-up or cleansing the skin in order to eliminate the last remaining particles and, here too, to prepare the skin for the following products (treatment or moisturizer).

In any case, do not forget to apply some on your neck too!

How to choose ?

We prefer instead the toners without alcohol, without perfume or witch hazel extract. These are products that can be very irritating and it is they who give some lotions their drying character. These products will not give good nutrients to the skin but rather remove it, and that's what we want to avoid!

So be careful of the composition of the product you want to buy, and look for antioxidant, emollient or anti-inflammatory ingredients.

What to remember?

Tonic lotionss, if well formulated, may allow Finish cleansing the skin and moisturize it slightly, preparing it for the next applied products. Its use is not essential but if you want to pamper your skin even more, you will probably see an improvement in your skin with use, and maybe you will not be able to do without it!


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