How to choose the right sunscreen?

The key to wanting to get sunscreen regularly is to choose the one that best suits our skin and our needs. It sounds obvious, but it's not always easy. We have condensed some tracks and tips to get there.

#1 Always choose a BROAD SPECTRUM sunscreen (that is, it protects both UVA and UVB rays). Look for Broad Spectrum or UVA + UVB on the bottle.

#2 Determine whether you prefer a physical or chemical filter.

It seems that physical filters are a little less irritating, so very sensitive skin will probably tend to prefer them more.

° Physical filters sometimes tend to leave a white film more obvious than chemicals. If it's inconvenient for you, prefer the chemicals.

° There is usually a greater supply of chemical filters for lighter textures (lotion style).

° Chemical filters should be applied 20 at 30 minutes before exposure while the physical may be effective immediately.

#3 Prefer an FPS between 30 and 60.

#4 Remember that a good sunscreen is not necessarily more expensive! Think that you will have to apply a lot and often, so avoid paying too much and want to "save" your tube later. Do not be fooled by marketing.

#5 The seal of the Canadian Dermatology Association is a good way to choose ... but not exclusively! See the image above to recognize it!

#6 A tube of 30ml sunscreen ... we tell you right now ... it's not enough !!!

It is very important to apply the right amount of screen to ensure complete efficiency. For an adult, it is recommended to use 30ml (approximately 7 teaspoon) to cover the entire body. For the face and neck, count 1 full teaspoon!

#7 Reapply to 2 hours or as soon as you get out of the water, or have been physically active and sweat.

#8 Do not forget to cover the hands and the lips ... we forget them often ... but these regions are also very sensitive and very exposed!

#9 Do not forget to check that the chosen screen does not contain any irritating or dangerous ingredients ... refer to the blacklist to guide you.

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