How to choose your care products?

Shopping for a new skincare product is exciting (at least for some), but can also be complicated if your goal is to find an effective, safe product that truly meets your needs. The cosmetics industry can be complex and myths circulate widely. To avoid many disappointments, it is necessary to be well informed before going shopping. Here are our tips for getting started!

Be careful with the ingredients

Avoid relying too much on media and retailers. Try to sharpen your critical thinking and look beyond marketing. Unfortunately, there are very few regulations governing the cosmetics industry, which makes it possible to claim almost anything with the right turn of phrase. A company can boast the qualities of ingredients even if they are present in such a small amount in a product that they will have no real effect. One way to choose is to always read the list of ingredients before buying. The percentages of these are not indicated, but the more an ingredient is in the list, the more it will be present (we will also present in the coming weeks a topo of how to read and understand the list of ingredients). It happened to me to see a serum, detailed in 50 $, saying "hyaluronic acid", while this same ingredient was only at the bottom of the list.

Not strong ... As they say!

Age does not dictate skin

Do not choose a product solely for your gender or age. That would deprive you of far too many wonderful opportunities. It is wrong to believe that all men or women have the same skin. A product called "for man" can do very well for a woman and vice versa. The ingredients that the two classes contain are often very similar, the difference being usually only at the level of the packaging. Choosing exclusively according to your age is also to be avoided. It is unfortunate to think that all the skins of a certain age are alike and have the same needs. Some older people have more oily skin, or less damage, than a teenager, as surprising as it may be. In short, everyone has their own needs and the latter depend on many more factors than just sex and age. Again, do not forget that the ingredient list of a product is the most useful reference when it comes to choosing what you need.

Buying a great brand care can have something exciting. There is an aura around this class of products, as if from the moment of purchase we were part of a select club. It is all too often marketing, well done all the same, and we end up paying for vaseline that smells good. You do not believe me ? A quick glance at the list of ingredients will convince you.

The price is not a guarantee of efficiency

Do not fall into the "The more it costs, the more it must be good for my skin". If such celebrity uses it, it must be great? Be critical. The best products can be affordable ... all you have to do is find them.


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