Why Clean Your Face: Reason #2

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Reason #2: Eliminate makeup residue and excess sebum

The human body is so intelligent that it produces sebum in order to protect us. Sometimes, on the other hand, as during adolescence, during periods of stress (psychological or physical) or for some reason, it produces surplus ... And the sebum remains on the skin, pores, stimulates the appearance of pimples and disturbs us. Cleaning your face regularly (but not excessively) helps eliminate the excess!

If you take the time to put on makeup in the morning, try to take the time to make-up makeup at night. A lot of facial cleansers are now formulated to get rid of your lipstick or your foundation ... so no more excuses! Just like excess sebum, makeup can clog pores and cause several small tanning problems. It should also be noted that several makeup products contain irritating ingredients, which are best eliminated every night!




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