Why Clean Your Face: Reason #3

In the series 5 Reasons: Why clean his face?

Reason #3: Eliminate dead skin and germs

Did you know that the "cell cycle" of the epidermis varies between 26 to 42 days? Did you know that the older you get, the longer this cycle? In other words, it means it takes about 1 months for skin cells to regenerate and eliminate themselves. When all is well, it's wonderful, since you have nothing to do and you do not realize anything. On the other hand it happens that the process is a little disturbed and that dead skins remain in surface of the skin. This gives you an impression of dry skin, or crocodile skin. Thoroughly cleanse your skin helps eliminate them and keep skin softer and healthier.

Germs, let's talk about it! Every day, you touch door handles, cash, stairs, groceries, and more. And every day, hundreds of people touched them before you. Later in the day, you put your hands to your face ... result: the germs harvested on your hands are now housed! You see me coming ... clean your face can eliminate a good part, as well as wash your hands. Think about it! ;)


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