Skin Care Resolutions

While 2016 will give way to 2017 in just one day, many of us are working on a list of resolutions. To inspire you a little, here are five good habits related to the skin care to adopt in the New Year, as well as six bad ones that should be divested!

To change

1. Swap the bar soap for a cream or liquid cleaner.

The majority of them have a pH much too high and are difficult to rinse completely, which increases the risk that residues of surfactants remain on the skin and thereby irritates it.

2. Stop touching his face.

This habit, which we all have, transfers the germs and bacteria that you have on your hands to the facial skin ... you are left to imagine the sequel. Consider cleaning regularly your cell phone screen, accumulating more germs than you can imagine.

3. Gently with the scrubs!

Exfoliating the skin with hard brushes, pellet or ball exfoliators or a horsehair glove are prehistoric methods that can irritate and injure the skin. Instead, use a salicylic acid scrub or a washcloth to massage gently.

4. Reduce the number of scented products you use on your skin.

The fragrances in cosmetics will be the subject of an upcoming article, but remember that perfumes and essential oils are irritants, in addition to being the most common cause of contact allergies to cosmetics. To preserve the skin, it is better to avoid them or at least reduce their use.

5. Stop smoking.

For the health of your skin, but also that of your body, stop smoking. In addition to the risks of lung, heart, buccal, etc. diseases, this harmful habit can lead to necrosis of the tissues, as well as the decrease of the elastic fibers of the skin. Result: dull complexion, early wrinkles, premature aging. There are several methods to help you; make the most beautiful gifts for this new year and stop.

To keep or add

1. Protect yourself from the sun (even in winter).

Sun cream, sunglasses, big hat (plus it's very pretty!), And all year long to help prevent skin cancer, but also premature cutaneous aging! This year, let's make a little effort to think about it, even when it's cloudy outside.

2. Perfume his clothes and not his skin.

Ingredients contained in perfumes, whether alcohol or substances used as fragrances, are potential irritants. It is better not to expose the skin directly. Apply them on clothes!

3. Buy cosmetics in tubes rather than jars.

Certainly, the cosmetics contained in a jar are very pretty, but they are not optimal at the level of conservation. By opening the pot and putting your fingers on it, you increase the proliferation of bacteria and subsequently the deterioration of the important ingredients. In addition, they are not adequately protected from light and air, so their effectiveness is reduced.

4. Make a household of his cosmetics.

The vast majority of cosmetics have an expiration date. While on some of them you will see it indicated as "Exp year-month", on others you will notice a small symbol indicating the life of the product (in months) after opening. So, let's start the year off right by eliminating all of our expired products!

5. Drink more water.

Although drinking more water will not have a direct impact on dry skin, consuming more can only be beneficial! It is recommended to drink thirteen cups of liquid for men and nine for women, per day. Keep in mind to take as much water as possible and the least liquid containing sugar. A quick tip to get there, always keep a bottle of water nearby and fill it every time you pass near a water source.


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