Scented candles

We are very categorical: avoid fragrances in your facial products! Sorry ... We know how nice they are to the nose, but so does the health of your skin. Fortunately there are better, non-irritating ways to enjoy a good fragrance. One of them is to light a scented candle, a small luxury particularly fashionable right now ...

A little luxury needed

Although it exists for all price ranges, one should expect to pay the high price for a candle that stands out, unlike skin care products, where paying very expensive often does not bring great- something more. The quality of the experience depends on it, both olfactory and emotional! Indeed, the perfect blend of high-quality raw materials results in a unique and memorable fragrance that will not give headaches. The careful packaging and attention to detail of these candles are a pleasant (especially for the followers of the "unboxing").

(It is also more satisfying to "set fire to" something expensive.)

NB The memory is closely related to smell ... A memory with the aroma of "Ghost flower" or "Cotton Poplin" is more poetic than the one that smells green apple;).



For those who are interested, three ranges stand out according to us.


BYREDO: Founded in 2006 by Canadian-Swedish Ben Gorgham.

It offers revisited odors, often taken from his memories or images. This way of creating brings a touch of originality and makes its perfumes unique. The contrast between these complex fragrances and the very refined packaging (with Scandinavian flavor) is also very interesting.

In this range, we love Tree House as well as Phantom Flower.

In Quebec, Byredo candles are only available online. You can find them on Holt Renfrew's website. So you will have to rely on the name and description of perfumes to make your choices, although honestly it's hard to go wrong (or enjoy a trip


RUBY BROWN: A Quebec house, at the height of the largest French perfumeries.

Honestly, it is a major blow for this line of scented candles (and fragrances custom made) founded by Ruby Brown in 2012! Based on soy wax, they are poured in Quebec, with the greatest care. This was definitely visible when they burned, leaving their comforting scents to hover. Also, mention to their very chic packaging, which almost makes the heart to undo. We particularly like Flower Power, which evokes a trip to France dotted with great walks, under sweet spring days.

In Quebec, Ruby Brown candles are available online at as well as Boutique Denis Gagnon, Michel Brisson and Boutique Billie in Montreal.


DYPTIQUE: Parisian perfume house created in 1961.

We particularly like Firewood and Fig. Their pure and clear perfume is a real treat. The house offers small sizes, perfect to try more than one candle without having to sell one of its kidneys. The classic and characteristic design of the brand also adds to your decor ... a beautiful two in one!

In Canada, they are available from Holt Renfrew, in store and on the website.


A bonus

Once your candle is completely consumed, you can reuse the pot for decorative and purely ostentatious purposes, an essential element of any self-respecting Instagram publication. ;) The trick to clean the pot is to place it overnight in the freezer and fill it with boiling water the next day. The wax will peel off by itself. You will have a nice container to use as a pencil case or as a match holder.



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