Make sleep a priority

What's better for the skin (and the body as a whole) than waking up after a good night's sleep. The "beauty sleep" as we had discussed in a previous myth is partly true ... To optimize our chances of success, a few tips for sleeping well!

1. The classic :

No tv, phone, ipad ... short no screen time before sleep! Remember before the arrival of smart phones, we slept well no? Well, try it, it really helps.

2. Routine :

Children often need a routine before falling asleep (me too for that matter). Break the routine ... good luck! Take example on them, build your own routine before sleep and repeat every night. It helps to put your body in a state of rest and you will join morphée more easily.

3. The environment :

Make your room a good place to sleep. Soothing color, comfortable cover, warm light, temperature and adequate humidity!

4. The famous sheep:

Honestly, you will not believe it, but count the sheep, sometimes it helps !!! Try it.

And you, what are your things to sleep well?

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