Where to go in 2017?

The new year is now fully underway. The holidays are over and the rhythm of 2017 begins to settle down, or maybe hard for some. Anyway, new year also means new opportunities to discover the globe. To help you make a choice among countless possibilities of destinations, I make a suggestion: Iceland.

A fashionable destination for a few years now, Iceland is increasingly used by travelers, and not without reason. With its grandiose landscapes, the former Viking territory is ideal for lovers of adventure and nature. It is possible to admire lava fields as far as the eye can see, huge glaciers, geysers in action and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the black sandy beach of Vík. At nightfall, and when the weather permits, it is not uncommon to see aurora borealis dancing in the sky. Moreover, for lovers of beauty relaxation, a small break in the warm waters of the popular Blue Lagoon, a mask of silica on the face, is in order!


 Getting There

Departing from Montreal, it will take only five hours to reach Keflavik Airport (Iceland's International Airport), which is approximately 50 minutes drive from Reykjavik, the capital. It is also possible to find more affordable flights with the Icelandic low-cost airline, WOW air. However, nothing is included on board the aircraft and the seating area is restricted. If you think you are inconvenienced, the Icelandair company will be better suited to you, but at a higher price.

When to go?

Iceland is crowded with tourists all summer, from June to September, due to a more mild climate. To avoid the crowd, I recommend avoiding the summer period and opting instead for a stay between October and May. The temperature is colder, but the few hours of sunshine gives more chance to admire the aurora borealis.

Eating and Drinking

It is easy to stay in Iceland. The capital has several quality hotels, but they are not cheap. Smaller towns also have some accommodation options. Icelandair hotels are generally pleasant and are found all over the country. For the more adventurous, several campsites are also available.

Eating in restaurants is proving to be excessively expensive, which is why you must plan it in the travel budget. The dishes are generally plentiful and tasty, but their prices easily rise to 50 $ and can climb much higher. A quick glance at the menu, at the entrance of the restaurants, could avoid bad surprises. The lunch option included with your hotel room can save a little on meals.


To fully enjoy the trip, be sure to be equipped with warm and waterproof clothing. Getting dressed with several layers is ideal! ;)