We believe in the importance of valuing each person and helping to make life simpler. We believe that it is necessary to take advantage of each moment to the maximum and it passes first by feeling good in its skin. Investing time to take care of yourself and others is a step in that direction.





 Simplify skin care
Savan was born from the idea of ​​offering efficient products with a minimum of ingredients. We were looking for a range of care that was simple, effective, safe and design. We finally created it.
 Without fragrances, without irritants
We choose with the utmost care the ingredients found in our products. They are there for a specific reason: to meet the real needs of the skin. We pay special attention to not include any irritant or fragrance, in order to provide gentle care that is suitable for the most sensitive skin. We go further by eliminating over a hundred controversial ingredients, frequently used in cosmetics. We make sure our products are safe and effective.


Understanding what we use

We believe it is important to make available the information we know is relevant so that everyone can make conscientious choices about beauty products. The newspaper is our way of doing it.


Care for all

In creating Savan we aimed to make skin care accessible. That's why we developed our ranges with the idea that everyone can identify and use them.